Ohio's Most Fun Photobooth

A fun way to create special memories!

To create your very own special memories in a fun way call us at 216-214-4010

     To further enhance our clients entertainment experience with us we have added a Mobile Video/Photo Booth to the services we offer. These are fast becoming a very popular entertainment upgrade at Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Event's, etc. These are very mobile and only occupy a 5 X 5 area of floor space.(for the standard booth & not including our prop tables) Making them an option at any size venue

      Just like the old Photo Booth's some remember in the malls, your guests sit inside and get to pose for 4 pictures.The pictures are then printed out on a 4 picture Fun Strip. This is a fantastic way for your guests to create a fun memory of your special event. When the pictures print out there is a duplicate strip printed also. These are then put in a very nice Scrapbook which we assist your guests in building and your guests can write in comments or well wishes to the guest(s) of honor.  We also burn a CD of ALL the Photo's at the end of the event. This will be included in the Memories Scrapbook.

     At the end of your event you will then be presented with your completed Scrapbook loaded with photo's of your friends and family and their well wishes as well as the Photo CD so you can further share your memories. We have also discovered that these photos on the disc can be blown up to appx. 4 x 5 and still retain their quality. Great way to save those special pictures. 

Here is the best part!  

We offer our Photo Booth in two sizes to serve you better.

Our Standard and Deluxe sizes

The Cost of our All-Inclusive Standard Booth is ONLY $650.00

This includes the: 

Four Hours of Unlimited Photo taking time
A Premium quality 12" X 12" photo scrapbook
A fun and experienced Booth attendant
A CD of all  Photo's
Extra Prints if requested
Custom Graphic's on all Photo strips
A very large selection of high quality props
Room for up to 8 adults in the booth.

The cost of our All-Inclusive Deluxe Booth ONLY $800.00
This includes all of the above... PLUS

A larger booth to accommodate up to 12 adults

The Booth is also wheelchair accessible
Even MORE high quality props

ALL props are "Sanitized" before and after each event and every 30 minutes during every event along with the booth itself.
 We can also offer your choice of backdrop colors                                         

There is NO charge for set-up or breakdown time.  There is NO charge for booth idle time up to 1 hour. This would be during dinner hour for example.

The only additional charges would be as follows:

$30 per Hour of Idle time over one hour
$75 per hour of Photo time beyond the four hours (this at the discretion of the attendant)  

If you check other supplier's of Photo Booth's you will find they may charge less for a 4 hour rental of the Booth. However all the things that are included in our package are Extra's in most of theirs. One example:  $150.00 extra for the Scrapbook option alone at one particular company. We at Night Rhythm Entertainment believe Full Service should mean "FULL SERVICE"