How To Select The Best Wedding Dj

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  Do not leave your wedding reception entertainment to chance. This decision is one of the most important ones you will make for your wedding reception. In the month's to follow your reception your family and friends will likely not remember the food, the hall or even your colors. They will definitely remember if they had a great time partying at your reception!

       After over 25 years in the business, I have learned there are a few things you need to ask of your prospective DJ.  Will we meet and work with our DJ in the month's leading up to our reception?  How many years experience do you have in the WEDDING business?  Are you insured?.......Just to name a few.

       One of the most important question's is "Do you bring back-up equipment with you?" As long as humans continue to make our equipment, there could always be an unexpected problem. This problem could even be worse than picking a bad DJ, NO MUSIC at all!!

       To sum it all up, all weddings will have lots of food and drinks, but the Best Wedding Receptions are decided by the ENTERTAINMENT.

       You first need to choose a DJ that specializes in Wedding Receptions. This would be an experienced MC/DJ that can host your reception while working closely with all the vendors to insure everything runs smooth. This is especially important with your Photographer and/or Videographer. For example, If your MC/DJ starts the First Dances and your Photographer and/or Videographer are not in the room for what ever reason then you have lost those precious memories. You CANNOT recreate special moments like that. Finally, it must be someone that you feel comfortable with. After all, you will be working closely with this person for quite some time. Your Comfort is Key.

       Testimonials are also important. What are their current and past customers saying about them. These are real people with real experiences with this company. They can tell you best.

       Finally spend enough time interviewing potential DJ's so you can make the best informed decision to fit your needs. 

      While budgets are important and will dictate what vendors and services you will have at your reception. Remembering that your Entertainment will make or break your reception. You should not base your decision on price alone. True Experienced Wedding DJ's will not be the cheapest or willing to deep discount their prices just to get your business. You don't need to hire the most expensive either. Great Wedding DJ's will offer you great service at a fair price and give you piece of mind. Your Wedding Reception is a Once in a Lifetime Experience and a larger part of your  budget must  be spent wisely on entertainment. You will NEVER regret going the extra mile for the Right Entertainment!

       Another consideration, Does the company your considering except credit cards? Can you make payments?

       Finding an experienced entertainment company with flexibility in their payment options is an important part of making a smart Entertainment purchase.