The Rockin' Bluze Brothers

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     Jake and Elwood live again in the form of a LIVE, HIGH ENERGY Tribute show. Joliet Jake Bluze (aka Steve Cigany) and Elwood Bluze (aka Tom Vasko) perform in tribute to the more famous "Blues Brother's". They do a 3 to 4 hour show featuring all of the popular song's of the Blues Brother's as well as many other great Rock n' Roll, Rhythm and Blues and Blues songs by such artist's as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Motely Crue, The Door's, and more.

     The "Rockin' Bluze Brother's" is a fun, energetic show that will get your feet stomping and your hands clapping. Jake(Steve) and Elwood(Tom) truly get into the roles and get the audiance involved as much as possible. Steve and Tom have been friends for many years and have been singing together for about ten years. They truly love to entertain and it is very evident in their performance. They have performed The "Rockin' Bluze Brother's" show at Country Clubs, Hotel Grand Opening's, Family reunions and have even entertained our servicemen and veterans. Their show combines "LIVE" musical entertainment with great onstage antic's made popular by the original Blues Brother's. If you"re having a party or special event and want something more than just a DJ. This show is for you.                                

From that special Birthday Party to the most elegant Country Club, The "Rockin' Bluze Brother's" can provide fun, energetic and unique entertainment. Let "Jake and Elwood" help make you're next party or special event something to remember.

The boys Are Back In Town

Rockin' Bluze Brothers

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